When you are serious about looking for massage to meet your therapeutic needs creating real positive change in your body, and recovering from an accident or injury the massage retail clinics may not be what you need.  Massage has always been a medical treatment and we are experts in getting the body back to performing it’s best.  We specialize in orthopedic massage, relaxation massage and Healing Touch therapy.


Massage Therapy is not Pampering it is an essential component of helping to prevent illness and disease

The best way to stay healthy is a whole foods based diet, staying away from artificially made foods, drinking 50% or more of your body weight in water, staying active, and caring for your body as the efficient and most adaptable machine it is.  One of the most amazing components of the body is it’s ability in pumping oxygen through the blood, this happens because of the circulatory system.  As we are sitting, standing and sometimes sedentary beings we constantly challenge our bodies to have a sluggish circulatory system.  As circulation slows so does the optimum oxygen content which is highly important to our ability to heal, keep our immune system strong and prevent illnesses.  Massage Therapy should be as regular as paying our bills monthly. One Massage a month would greatly increase your chances of having a better immune system.  So invest in your self (care) not pampering, leave that to your nails and toes!

Therapy Awaits

When you are serious about looking for Massage Therapy to meet your therapeutic needs,
We Provide Therapy For:
Advanced Injury Recovery
Create healing, balance and positive physical change

in your everyday life
Orthopedic, Performance Therapy and Massage

Injury Therapy

If you are finished with your physical therapy allowance and haven’t fully recovered we can help complete your healing process. For 18 years we have had the most success with correcting inefficient patterning that has inhibited full recovery

Performance Therapy and Sports Massage
When you are trying to achieve results in your performance whether a weekend warrior or serious athlete we can find your key to go further, increase your time, ability and confidence especially after injury
Relaxation and Self Care
Massage is one of the best forms of self care and is essential to managing stress, medical conditions, chronic pain, prevention of disease and creating the best form of reliable circulation for our lifestyles.

Hours Of Operation

Our online scheduling is easy to use but keep in mind that additional appointments are available by phone, text or email outside what you might find online so please be sure to contact us if you do not see a time that fits your needs.
We do this to provide custom offers for our referred clients and clients that are under a treatment care plan. When you become our client you will have this priority too.

​We have appointments available Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm  

​We care about you and what you need in your self care regime.
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