Advanced Services and Membership

Our reputation for increasing movement and increasing recovery is our signature offering, however if you would like to explore our Massage Membership Program come in for a therapeutic massage and learn how a monthly membership is good for your overall health and preventing disease.

Our Membership Program is for maintenance after recovery as well as relaxation. With membership you receive discounts and offers on the tools you need to continue your recovery phase
$109.00 MONTHLY (Value of $100 per session)
In most membership programs you will find you don’t receive what you ask for. With Next Generation Therapies we guarantee your pain complaints or relaxation needs in therapeutic massage are met through our quality therapists. Along with your monthly session you will receive discounts on in house products, have the ability to share your monthly session with a family or friend if you can’t use it, and be able to upgrade your session with discounts. Additionally if you are using our preferred and recommended products online you can earn rewards towards more time requested for your massages and earn free massages!
(If you prefer 90 minute massages you can upgrade another 30 minutes for an additional $40)

Our goals for you are to keep you healthy and memberships in self care should bring rewards.

If you do not want our membership enjoy our one hour massage packages:
Therapeutic Massage      60 minutes      5 for $450
                                                                        10 for $850
                                               90 minutes      5 for $675
                                                                        10 for $1275
Our Treatment programs include the following services and are discounted based on your needs:

valued at $120.00
Intended to provide advanced pain relief during or after traditional therapies are completed or near completion, such as chiropractic or physical therapy. Orthopedic massage is performed with the intent of improving prescribed medical conditions, a style of massage therapy focused on treating painful conditions that affect the soft tissues of the body. Because orthopedic massage is designed to treat medical and injury conditions, it requires extensive training. It involves releasing tense muscles, helping to stretch and lengthen tight muscles and tendons, and decompress rigid joints.

​Restore full health to the soft tissues of your body, both treating your specific conditions as well as improving your overall well-being. Heated therapy with warm stones is also provided in this treatment. While insurance filing is not available at this time, some insurance companies will reimburse your visits in whole or in part, depending on their evaluation. Please check with your insurance carrier for more information.

valued at $150.00 – $200.00
Essential for multiple injuries such as result of a car accident or recovery from multiple surgeries present or past. This longer session is essential for multiple injuries such as in a car accident or recovery from multiple surgeries. Intended to provide advanced pain relief during or after traditional therapies are near completion, such as chiropractic or physical therapy.
Also recommended after completion of other therapies with pain or symptoms that are still present.

Adding to our services is a new technology named DDS BioElectric Massage, a machine that runs a current through the therapist and on to you much like a tens machine but more complete.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles this service has great benefits, working to clear the meridians as the body detoxes and alkalizes during the process, increasing circulation, regulating blood pressure, minimizing fatigue, increase circulation, improve metabolism, counter signs of aging and wrinkles and aid in weight loss.  A series of treatments will leave you with more energy and a very different sensation of detoxification.  This treatment is contraindicated for certain conditions, ask us for more details.

Package of 5 for $375 or 10 for $700
$68/session for our patients with membership
For a limited time during our launch of this product we will be offering $55/session call us today to qualify

Complete Health History
Postural Assessment
Movement and Gait Analysis
Balance Testing
Goal Setting
One Hour Hands On Therapy or Massage
Three Month Complimentary Access to our NGT Health Portal

*Payment arrangements can be made for any of our packages and treatment programs, don’t let cost keep you from coming in to start your healing journey